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Hot Tubs/Spas

For centuries, hot water has been used to heal. Blood vessels dilate as nutrients rush to aching muscles. Toxins are purged. Weight is relived from exhausted joints. In water, we find the ability to strengthen, heal, and tone. Therapeutic spas provide one of the best ways to utilize this power.

Step up to a Higher Degree of Indulgence that can only come from owning an A-TEX Spa or Hot Tub. You've earned it! Most hot tubs we offer have special and unique features. Check out the Hot Tub Features page to see a list and description of these features.

Read what our customers think about our products and service on our testimonials page.

Read about the history of the spa and how to pick out the best one for you.

Looking for Swim Spas? Click here to view the models we offer.

A-TEX now offers MAXX, California Cooperage, and Elite Spas.

Element Green
D1 has a long and proud history in pursuit of green goals. It's about making a sale, yes. But it's also about growing a sustainable company while protecting and sustaining natural resources. It's about promoting greater environmental responsibility and developing eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes. Environmental stewardship has become a critical part of D1's corporate philosophy and reputation. At D1, "green washing" has no business in the board room, in the news release or on the production floor. Read more...

Water holds the power to invigorate the spirit, replenish the soul, refresh the mind, and relax the body. It can help wash away tension, rekindle relationships, and ignite your passions

This combination of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge has waited centuries to find its most sublime outlet. Within the Bay Collection, find the commitment of one company’s desire to put that outlet no farther away than your own home.

For over 30 years Dimension One Spas has innovated methods and technologies to harness the healing power of water to improve your well-being.

It is this legacy of quality combined with the science of hydronomics that helps this classic hot tub line showcase our heritage as the preeminent leader in your personal relaxation.

Step up, step in, start living. D1 Hot Tubs and Spas found the right way to combine affordable enjoyment, luxury, and performance. Whether it’s for healing, relaxing, family fun or creating uncompromising intimacy and romance, the @Home Hot Tub does it all.