Seats 6
Length 91.5"
Width 91.5"
Depth 35"
Water Capacity 420 gallons

The 581 was designed to transform your backyard into the perfect spa retreat. With a little imagination you can integrate the design of this hot tub into your modern backyard. Add your own personal touch to the look by incorporating decorative elements into the patented exhibition edge. As the 581 becomes the center piece of your retreat, it also provides physician-designed hydrotherapy. Enjoy the beauty of this modern work of art as you slip into its therapeutic waters.

Acrylic Colors

Cabinet Colors

Optional Features

MAAX Collection’s CleanZone™ water purification system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal clear water while greatly reducing chemical maintenance. CleanZone™ is a cartridge oxidizer that generates oxygen and cleans your spa water.

The Clean Zone™ II system uses the power of UVC light, the same technology utilized in many communities around the world to purify drinking water. Clean Zone™ II kills 99.9%* of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites. This system is the perfect blend of hygiene, purity and technology.

Built-in internal and optional pedestal lighting illuminates the spa for both safety and romance. A selection of unique color options can further enhance an already perfect evening, taking backyard fun to soaring new heights.

State of the art bluetooth technology puts the music at your fingertips. Enjoy your favorite artists and playlists anytime with this easy to use stereo system. Simply sync any bluetooth compatible device and as you slip in to the soothing waters enjoy your favorite artists. (Bluetooth available on models with stereos only.)



  • Dimensions: 91.5” X 91.5”
  • Depth: 35”
  • Seating Capacity: 6
  • Average Water Capacity: 420 gal
  • Weight (empty/full): 898/4085 lbs
  • Lounges: 1
  • Bucket Seating: Yes
  • Illuminated Spa Controls: Yes
  • Molded Grab Bars: 1
  • 3.5” Underwater Light: Yes
  • Stainless Steel Accent Package: Yes
  • WiFi Connectivity: Yes
  • Programmable Filter Cycles: Yes
  • Steel Sub-Structure: Yes
  • DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry: Yes
  • Northern Exposure® Insulation System: Yes
  • Pump 1: 3.0Hp/5.9bHp, 230V, 2Sp
  • Pump 2: 3.0Hp/5.9bHp, 230V, 2Sp
  • Aurora Cascade Pump 1.0Hp 115V, 1Sp
  • Electrical Requirements (4-Wire) .240/40A/60A
  • SmartTouch Controls: Yes
  • Foot Relief Zone™: Yes
  • Zone Therapy™ Seat: Yes
  • Shiatsu Seat: Yes
  • Head Cushions: 3
  • ChromaTherapy: Yes
  • Aurora Cascade Water Feature: 4
  • Digital Color Optic Lighting (interior only): Yes
  • Stainless Steel Accent Package : Yes
  • Jet Total: 51
  • CleanZone™ System (opt): Yes
  • Clean Zone™ II System with UV Light (opt): Yes
  • Bluetooth Music System (opt): Yes
  • Dynamic Jet Sequencer (opt): Yes
  • Pedestal Lights (opt): Yes