Above Ground Pools

Most people tell us that they want a pool to "beat the heat" with at the end of the day. They have found the "deep end" of the pool to be the "wasted end". People dive in and swim to the shallow, or "social end" of the pool. With a pool from A-TEX you are able to best the heat, exercise, socialize, just about everything pool related except dive. Considering that the rocky ground conditions of Central Texas cause many in-ground pools to cost upwards of $30,000, we are able to offer a very attractive and affordable alternative.

We offer above-ground pools from Doughboy and Vogue.

All of our Above Ground pools are powered by Hayward products.

A-TEX offers service, repair, and installation on all Doughboy pools.
We also stock all shapes and sizes of replacement liners.
Contact us for an estimate!