12' x 24'
15' x 25'
15' x 30'

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Above Ground Pools / Alias

Blending quality, endurance, and reliability, the Alias pool has already proven itself to thousands of families - providing affordable summer fun in a superior steel frame design that eclipses all other pools in its class.

Strength for premium durability!
The Alias' steel structure is entirely protected by a combination of finishes. These optimize its resistance to corrosion while preventing condensation between the liner and the wall - ensuring a long, solid life for your pool.

  • 6-inch top ledge
  • Ledge cover made from Synpro resin
  • 5-inch fully supportive upright

  • A rippled finish lets the wall resist both water pressure and external shocks

Vog-lok System
  • Pre-drilled parts to make screw installation easy
  • Screws lock in pace to maintain structural integrity
  • Concept exclusive to Zodiac

Wall Joint
  • Computer-designed wall joint ensures better resistance to water pressure
  • Wall reinforced with two large steel bars
  • Oversized bolts augment stability

Powerful lateral supports (oval models)
  • Highly developed structural support
  • Installed every 30 3/4" for more strength on straight lines
  • Reinforcements add vertical strength where water pressure is strongest