How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub AND Optimize For Energy-Efficiency

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind, but they have a reputation for high energy usage that is outdated in light of recent advancements in hot tub technology and design. Although modern-day hot tubs are more energy efficient than their predecessors, there are ways to optimize your spa for increased energy efficiency and (possibly) savings! Fortunately for you, Our experts at A-TEX know that there are several ways to optimize your hot tub for energy efficiency without sacrificing your relaxation. 

Let’s dive into some tips to get you started!


Upgrade to a More Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

If you have an older hot tub, it may not be as energy-efficient as newer models so the first recommendation is always to consider upgrading to a newer model that takes advantage of all of the energy-saving technology available today. Luxury hot tubs like those from Dimension One Spas are specifically designed and built from the ground up with energy-saving features that ensure you get all the relaxation and benefits of enjoying a spas without losing out on power or features. 

If you do decide to upgrade to a model that uses modern and efficient technology, ensure that you look for models with well-insulated covers, efficient pumps and motors, modern heating systems.

Now, we recognize that not everyone is looking to upgrade to an entirely new hot tub system, so let’s review the things you can do to ensure that your spa is optimized to use energy as efficiently as it possibly can. 


Use a Timer for Your Hot Tub

One of the simplest ways to reduce your hot tub’s energy usage is to use a timer that allows you to set specific times for your hot tub’s jets and heater to turn on and off. By setting your hot tub to run only during peak hours or when you would typically expect to use it, you can take advantage of lower energy consumption and save some money on your next energy bill. 


Lower the Temperature

Hot tubs are typically kept at a high temperature for optimal relaxation, but this also means greater energy usage to maintain this higher temperature. Consider lowering the temperature by a few degrees to save on energy costs while still achieving your preferred level of comfort. If you’re not planning on using your hot tub for an extended period, consider turning off the heater altogether.


Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

A dirty hot tub can put additional strain on its components, causing them to use more energy than necessary. Regularly clean and maintain your hot tub to ensure it is running efficiently. This includes cleaning the filters, removing debris from the water, and checking for any leaks or other issues that may affect its energy usage.


Add Windbreaks or Enclosures

If your hot tub is located in an open area with strong winds, it may require more energy to maintain its temperature. Consider adding windbreaks or enclosures to block out the wind and keep your hot tub protected. This will not only help reduce energy usage but also provide a more enjoyable experience by shielding you from the elements.


Regularly Maintain Your Hot Tub’s Components

In addition to keeping your hot tub clean, it’s essential to regularly maintain its components, such as pumps, motors, and heating systems. Ultimately, a well-maintained hot tub will run more efficiently so don’t forget to schedule regular check-ups with a professional or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.

By following these simple tips, you can optimize your hot tub’s energy consumption and not lose out on all the benefits of enjoying your spa!. If you have any questions about how you can optimize your hot tub to reduce energy consumption, stop into one of our hot tub showrooms to speak with an expert!